Microservices and the Evolution of Software Architecture

Using microservices to build antifragile systems

    lagom taleb chariot microservices
The Power of Myth

Sapiens takes us on a whirlwind tour of history

    books economics history evolution
AOP and AspectJ Introduction and Quickstart

Fear of AOP cross-cuts deeper than swords

    java maven aop
Help! My Monads are Nesting!

Composing multiple monads while maintaining your sanity

    scala chariot
A Crisis of Imagination

Secretary Geithner's first-hand account of the Great Recession

    books economics
An Ode to Or

With apologies to Elizabeth Barrett Browning

    poetry scala scalactic
The Power of /now

Going beyond 140 characters

Atomic Events and PGAStream

Tracking every hole on the PGATour

    golf pgatour python django
The Real Secret of Monkey Island - Innovation

Adventure and puzzling on the high seas

    innovation tolkien startups creativity
The Data Science Conference Recap

Deep dishin' with the best and brightest in Data Science