The Real Secret of Monkey Island - Innovation

Adventure and puzzling on the high seas

    innovation tolkien startups creativity
The Data Science Conference Recap

Deep dishin' with the best and brightest in Data Science

Chariot Day 2015 Recap

Where cigars ain't gonna roll themselves

    chariot technology conferences

A library to convert Swagger docs to Postman collections

    api swagger postman integration
Philly ETE 2015 Recap

Reflections on my first tech conference

    chariot technology conferences
Everything is a Function

How to program the Internet

    api datacombinator integration json rss
Apps are Dead

Well not really, but they should be

    api datacombinator philosophy
2014 PGA Championship Preview

Glory's Last Shot of 2014

    golf majors statistics pgatour
Equitable Stroke Control

Calculating your golfing handicap the correct way.

    golf swingstats
Build responsive webapps using total.js and Knockout.js

Rapid web application development powered by Node.js and NoSQL

    javascript knockoutjs nodejs totaljs