AOP and AspectJ Introduction and Quickstart

Fear of AOP cross-cuts deeper than swords

    java maven aop
Help! My Monads are Nesting!

Composing multiple monads while maintaining your sanity

    scala chariot
A Crisis of Imagination

Secretary Geithner's first-hand account of the Great Recession

    books economics
An Ode to Or

With apologies to Elizabeth Barrett Browning

    poetry scala scalactic
The Power of /now

Going beyond 140 characters

Atomic Events and PGAStream

Tracking every hole on the PGATour

    golf pgatour python django
The Real Secret of Monkey Island - Innovation

Adventure and puzzling on the high seas

    innovation tolkien startups creativity
The Data Science Conference Recap

Deep dishin' with the best and brightest in Data Science

Chariot Day 2015 Recap

Where cigars ain't gonna roll themselves

    chariot technology conferences

A library to convert Swagger docs to Postman collections

    api swagger postman integration