Dear Recruiters,

I'm posting my resume here for reference. I typically ignore unsolicited recruiting e-mails, and have a few e-mail filters which (hopefully) filter out any such attempts from my inbox.

I really really really don't like getting cold calls from a recruiter. They almost always happen right when I'm in the middle of writing code or trying valiantly to enter some "deep work" state. Consequently, any such cold calls will be met with general abruptness or outright hostility depending on my mood.

Thanks in advance for your consideration!

Joe Conley


I have several years of experience developing full-stack enterprise applications in Java/Scala and maintaining databases in Oracle/Postgres. I've worked with a variety of JVM frameworks, specializing in Typesafe technologies (Play/Akka/Slick). I also have extensive front-end experience with Bootstrap/CSS and KnockoutJS/jQuery, and have managed the hosting of cloud applications on IaaS platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Heroku, and OpenShift. In addition to my technical abilities, I have managed technical resources and served as product manager for various projects.

Work Experience

  • Consultant, Chariot Solutions

    Mar 2015 - Present 1 year 8 months

    • At Comcast, used Spark and Cassandra to build an analytics and reporting platform tracking upsell performance
    • At IMS Health, worked on a Big Data platform to allow business end-users to efficiently run and compose modular Spark jobs. Integrated data from several dozen sources and technologies to handle ingestion and extraction.
    • At Angie’s List, helped to rewrite the PaymentService API using Play Scala and the Cake and Microservices patterns. Implemented Swagger UI to facilitate interactive API documentation, built a prototype for newer API version using Spray and Akka, and worked with operations to customize CircleCI and Docker scripts to accommodate the new API
    • At Angie’s List, enhanced the API and refactored large portions using Scala/Spray best practices. Designed and built an automated test framework in Scala/Spray to perform white-box testing of APIs and HTTP servers in any environment
  • Senior Developer,

    Oct 2013 - Mar 2015 1 year 4 months

    • Developed a comprehensive authentication/authorization framework for the API
    • Developed a BPM workflow engine and API in Play Scala leveraging the core API document platform and the open-source BPM Activiti library
    • Developed front-end reactive marketing tools using the workflow engine and Ember.js
    • As the "performance czar", developed cross-cutting solutions for JVM-based applications to track performance metrics, store them in MongoDB, and provide an interface to analyze the data
    • Built a Play Scala application to interactively test the Java library of the core API using Specs2
    • Led seminars on best practices for Scala/Play and wrote complementary blog posts
  • Co-founder/CTO, Mainstream Integration

    Oct 2011 - Oct 2013 1 year 11 months

    • Developed and maintained enterprise web applications focused on data integration for clients in healthcare and logistics industries using Play (Java and Scala), Knockout.js, and PostgreSQL
    • Administered development and production environments on AWS by setting up web and database servers and monitoring these systems using Nagios and New Relic
    • Responsible for database administration and development for PostgreSQL, Redis, and S3
    • Performed basic sales functions by interacting with prospective clients, and performing systems evaluations to gather requirements and build proposals for custom technology solutions
  • Enterprise Application Developer, Planalytics, Inc

    Jun 2011 - Feb 2013 1 year 7 months

    • Maintained and enhanced a SaaS suite of web applications built in JSF and Java
    • Improved a proprietary Java framework for long-running jobs, resolving performance bottlenecks
    • Wrote scripts for Oracle ETL transactions and for statistics processing using R
    • Enhanced a proprietary widget framework built in Restlet and Freemarker
    • Enhanced/modified SAP's BusinessObjects suite for use in internal/external reporting
  • Application/Integration Developer, BDP International

    Jun 2009 - May 2011 1 year 10 months

    • Used Java/Struts/JS to develop logistics applications used by several international companies
    • Used integration tools (JCAPS) and PL/SQL to translate and process client data for ETL
    • Interacted daily with the business owners to establish requirements and meet client needs
    • Demoed web applications to both internal resources and prospective clients
    • Earned awards for Team Dedication (March 2010), Customer Service (April 2010), and Process Improvement (November 2010) based on my work on our nationally-recognized ISF application
  • ITS Student Trainer, Tufts University

    Sep 2008 - Jul 2009 9 months

    • Helped administer training sessions for programs like MS Office, Mozilla, and Adobe
    • Created a variety of learning manuals for these programs using MS Office and updated website information and graphics using Microsoft FrontPage 2003
    • Provided individual tutoring sessions for students, faculty, and staff
  • Actuarial Assistant, ACE USA Insurance Co.

    Jul 2007 - Aug 2008 1 year 1 month

    • Created actuarial models using Excel to justify rate changes and aid in writing insurance policies
    • Manipulated databases using Access and other query tools to obtain historic data for actuarial exhibits to state insurance departments
    • Improved communication skills by explaining actuarial models to sales/business departments
    • Completed Exam P and Exam FM of the Society of Actuaries


  • Big Data Analytics and Database Management (intermediate): Spark Hadoop Cassandra PostgreSQL Oracle Redis
  • DevOps (intermediate): AWS OpenShift Heroku lighttpd nginx
  • Full-Stack Software Development (expert): Scala Java Play Framework Slick
  • Web Development (expert): HTML CSS Javascript jQuery Knockout.js jsblocks Bootstrap Semantic-UI


  • Computer Science, Master's,  Drexel University

    Jan 2009 - Mar 2012

  • Mathematics and Economics, Bachelor's,  University of Scranton

    Aug 2003 - Jun 2007


  • Golf

  • Reading


English (Native speaker)

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